Most Common Vaping Questions Answered

What Kind of Vape Should I Buy?

After deciding to start vaping, the first thing to consider is the kind of vape to buy. The reality is that different models and brands suit different people, and you may need to try a few before settling on the best one for you. It’s similar to real cigarettes in that case. Consider the kind of vaping experience you’re after and this should help you decide which vape is right for you. There are starter kits which have less mechanics than others and are easier to use for beginners. Or you can go straight into an advanced kit, but just make sure you ask your supplier what you need to know about the device and don’t forget to take mods and other customisations into account.

How Much Will Vaping Cost Up-Front?

It’s true that the initial costs of vaping are higher than smoking, but you shouldn’t let this put you off. A basic rechargeable kit is quite affordable. Many of these starter kits cost between $20 and $75, but you could be paying more for an advanced model. Look through the range of rechargeable vapes to get an idea of how much you can expect to spend up-front. But whatever you spend, it is a good investment. After that you will need a tasty e-juice which usually would cost between $20 and $40 depending on brand and size. You can also buy a spare battery at around $10 and also some coils at around $20 for a pack of 5. The only upkeep charges going forward are e-juice and coils.

Does Vaping Save Money?

Even though vaping appears to have higher upfront costs, the reality is that vaping saves money over cigarettes in the long-term. Smoking 1 pack-a-day costs you up to $196. The average for smoking cigarettes is around $10,192 a year in 2017. E-liquid costs much less than a pack of cigarettes, and so if you are buying 2 x 30ml E Juices per month, that is roughly only $480 a year. Consider reading these articles for more info.

How do I Keep My Tank Filled?

If you’re worried about keeping your e-cig tank filled then you shouldn’t be. There are many tutorials and instructional videos on YouTube to show you how to fill up your tank. Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

·       Ensure your cartomizer or tank is clean each time you fill it up

·       Keep your e-juice away from the center tube of the tank

·       Leave the e-juice to soak for a few minutes before using it

·       Have some backup tanks ready in the event something goes wrong, but this isn’t likely as it’s much easier than it looks

Do I Need to Replace the Battery?

You will have to replace the battery. The real question is how often. You won’t be able to tell how long your battery will last after buying it. There are many people who claim the battery in their e-cig has lasted years, most people find they die after a few months. On average a battery will last somewhere in the middle of this. You should think about getting a back-up battery when you first buy your e-cig. Go American as well to ensure you get good quality.

How Should I Choose An e-Liquid Strength?

One major benefit of e-cigarettes is that you can choose a varying nicotine level and have the vaping experience you want. The nicotine strength of e-cigarettes is measured by the milligrams of nicotine in a millilitre of vaping liquid. Your previous smoking habits will give you an idea of how dense you need your vape liquid to be. E-liquids have a range of strength from no nicotine at all up to 48mgs for those who smoke up to two packs of cigarettes a day. The average smoker needs nicotine levels of around 6-18mg, but remember that you can always experiment to find the right nicotine levels for you. The most common strengths of E-liquid selling in New Zealand in 2017 is 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.

Are E-Cigarettes Actually Healthier Than Regular Ones?

Any vaper will tell you how much better they feel after making the switch. The reality is that not enough research has been done into the subject yet. E-cigarettes are relatively new, meaning deep research still has a while to go. They do have a lot less toxins than regular cigarettes though, which has to be better for you. They work great as replacements for cigarettes for most people, and they allow them to cut back on the harmful chemicals in cigarettes. Using vapes also removes second-hand smoke, making them better for the people and environment around you.

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