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One Up Vapor – Orgasm 60ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $32.90

Indulge in the Award winning best overall flavour ‘Orgasm’ from Zample Box. This e-liquid will take your taste buds for a ride. Watermelon and guava blend together with our secret blend of tropical fruits to give you a taste you won’t believe.


Sher Burst 60ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $29.90

This amazing, fizzy riot of effervescent whispers and sizzling pops has been obsessively blended to perfection. Sure to take you back to those carefree days gorging on sugary treats, after spending all your pocket money at the dairy. This E Liquid is brimming with nostalgic tang, so grab one now – you won’t regret it!


Fangy Fruit Freakout – 50ml – Vape Ghost E Liquid

$25.00 $15.00

Prepare to leave your tastebuds spellbound, as they’re treated to a mouthwatering makeover of sweet, nostalgic indulgence. With just the right amount of tartness, this vibrant vape will conjure up vivid memories of its iconic kiwi namesake – So kick back and chuck on your favourite horror flick!


Strawberries and Scream – 50ml – Vape Ghost E-Liquid

$25.00 $15.00

Dip your tastebuds’ tippytoes into this sinfully moreish e-liquid. Strawberries and Scream is a devilishly smooth match made in hell. Cower as the sweetness of the berry cuts through its whipped cream cloak to produce a saliva-seducing taste that’s twice as nice as the sum of its parts.

Poet Maple Spiced Tobacco ARC E LiquidOut Of Stock

Poet Maple Spiced Tobacco 60ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $25.00

Smooth and rich, warm, comforting, this intoxicating aroma is the weapon of choice for any maple and tobacco lover. Its mellow spiciness nicely dovetails its rugged underbelly, little wonder it’s in such hot demand. If you still miss the taste of fine tobacco, this should bring back the nostalgia.

Poet Lemon Cake ARC E LiquidOut Of Stock

Poet Lemon Cake 60ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $18.00

This firm favourite conjures feelings of soft, warm home-baked goodness out of thin air. It’s delicate, caring, and homely – just the thing to take the edge off the day, casting your worries into the very furnace in which it was created. The zesty, citrusy caress will tease, will please, it’ll make you feel at ease. It’s time to score a slice of heaven!


The House of Poet – Mexican Coffee 30ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $22.50

It’s the wake-up call with it all! This smooth, mellow vape gives your tastebud’s cojones a gentle, satisfying squeeze. Like a piñata, the rounded, balanced flavours tumble liberally from your vaporiser delivering a dangerously satisfying smoking experience that’s so bad ass Trump will want to build a wall around you. Arrrriba!!!


The Milkman Delights – Pixie Tarts 60ml (US Imported)

$40.00 $32.50

Pixie Tarts by The Milkman Delights E-Liquid range is a satisfying tangy, sour-on-the-inside candy tarts achieve a taste of balanced perfection in this new flavour of delights. This E-Liquid has travelled all the way from the US to be enjoyed right here in New Zealand.