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About Jam Monster E-Liquid

Jam Monster are dedicated and creative e-liquid brand owners and passionate consumers of their own e-liquid product. They are located in Orlando, Florida where they produce award winning delicious e-liquids. Trust us when we say this, these buttery, jam and toast soaked juices will make your mouth water so much you will need to dab the dribble off your vape machine!
E-Liquid is the fun part of vaping in our minds. This is the part you can select some delicious flavours to vape on! Vape Ghost has their own range of e-juice which will blow your taste buds. We also supply a small but flavoursome range imported from the USA. We stock 50ml, 60ml and 100ml bottles of e-liquid and 3mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine levels, all at an affordable price. Depending on your taste, we have fruit flavours, creamy desert flavours, to straight up tobacco flavours and more to be added soon.

All the e-juice we supply are made from trusted ingredients. We recommend not to purchase cheap vape juice from non trusted websites.

We have made some handy articles that will also help your decision before you purchase. Make sure you collect ‘Ghost Points’ with every purchase. We wish you all the best with your vaping! Contact customer support on hello@vapeghost.co.nz for any advice on Vapors, E-Liquid, Batteries and other accessories.