ARC Distribution E Liquid

About Arc Distribution E-Liquid

ARC Distribution is currently the sole distributor and manufacturer of premium E-Liquids. Their range of E-Juices include Traditional Juice Co, POET Electronic Nectar, Burst, Slammin Series (Hardtime), Gelato Co. Frozen Yozen, Post Card Collection, Lips & Drips.
Slammin Milkshake ARC E Liquid

Slammin Milkshake 60ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $29.50

Party like you were back in 1960’s while drinking a milkshake down at your local diner. This strawberry flavoured e liquid will make you think your Danny Zuko or Danny off the movie ‘Grease’.


House Of Poet Mexican Coffee ARC E Liquid

The House of Poet – Mexican Coffee 30ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $22.50

It’s the wake-up call with it all! This smooth, mellow vape gives your tastebud’s cojones a gentle, satisfying squeeze. Like a piñata, the rounded, balanced flavours tumble liberally from your vaporiser delivering a dangerously satisfying smoking experience that’s so bad ass Trump will want to build a wall around you. Arrrriba!!!

Sher Burst ARC E Liquid

Sher Burst 60ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $34.90

This amazing, fizzy riot of effervescent whispers and sizzling pops has been obsessively blended to perfection. Sure to take you back to those carefree days gorging on sugary treats, after spending all your pocket money at the dairy. This E Liquid is brimming with nostalgic tang, so grab one now – you won’t regret it!

Melon-Burst ARC E Liquid

Melon Burst 60ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $34.90

Turn every day into an endless summer with this tantalising, tastebud-teasing festival of flavour! This Melon E Liquid never fails to please! And true to the taste, you’re sure to feel its sweet, fleshy fruitiness snake around your pallet and deliver a promise that’s bang on the money.

Poet Maple Spiced Tobacco ARC E LiquidOut Of Stock

Poet Maple Spiced Tobacco 60ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $25.00

Smooth and rich, warm, comforting, this intoxicating aroma is the weapon of choice for any maple and tobacco lover. Its mellow spiciness nicely dovetails its rugged underbelly, little wonder it’s in such hot demand. If you still miss the taste of fine tobacco, this should bring back the nostalgia.

Poet Lemon Cake ARC E Liquid

Poet Lemon Cake 60ml (US Imported)

$39.90 $18.00

This firm favourite conjures feelings of soft, warm home-baked goodness out of thin air. It’s delicate, caring, and homely – just the thing to take the edge off the day, casting your worries into the very furnace in which it was created. The zesty, citrusy caress will tease, will please, it’ll make you feel at ease. It’s time to score a slice of heaven!

E-Liquid is the fun part of vaping in our minds. This is the part you can select some delicious flavours to vape on! Vape Ghost has their own range of e-juice which will blow your taste buds. We also supply a small but flavoursome range imported from the USA. We stock 50ml, 60ml and 100ml bottles of e-liquid and 3mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine levels, all at an affordable price. Depending on your taste, we have fruit flavours, creamy desert flavours, to straight up tobacco flavours and more to be added soon.

All the e liquid we supply are made from trusted ingredients. We recommend not to purchase cheap vape juice from non trusted websites.

We have made some handy articles that will also help your decision before you purchase. Make sure you collect ‘Ghost Points’ with every purchase. We wish you all the best with your vaping! Contact customer support on for any advice on Vapors, E Liquid, Mods, Batteries and other accessories.